Photography: a lifelong enthusiasme.

From an early age on, observation and photography go hand in hand for me. I rarely leave the house without a camera . Many of my pictures, back then it was analogue and monochrome. are from my immediate surroundings. There's always something going on and occasionally it's worth capturing. The more you observe, the more you realize what you haven't seen. Pictures make this even clearer. A frame is chosen and much is omitted. A moment has been captured, but was came before or will happen next has been lost. That's what attracts me to photography: the uncertainty. A picture may be clear, but it lends itself to many interpretations.

After the ambiguity of the observation and the picture come the aesthetics. I want to make a beautiful picture, giving pleasure and invoking a desire to look upon it again and again. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and even a picture of an ugly scene can still be beautiful. Light plays a crucial role. And in nature photography the weather has a heavy influence.

This site contains work from many years. It includes two extensive projects. The first is a look at deteriorating sea defense in south west Friesland, the second a collection of meadow birds. This last collection has occupied my attention over the last five springs. Both project pages contain further information, and both have been displayed in various expositions.